Welcome To Fetch Media!

Welcome to our blog! Fetch Media is a small media business started by two friends with complementary skills looking to branch out and see what the world of small business has to offer. Together, Kristi and I share a love of marketing (and dogs, clearly) but bring different strengths to the table. Although we’re just starting out on our own, we’ve have worked (and still work) in our respective fields for years helping small businesses grow through digital and print media.

Our vision is to simply build a small business that serves other small businesses and start ups. Most of our clients have come to us because they need professional advice and service but have found that most companies offering media and web services are either priced out of range for them or do not offer packages that suit their needs.

So here we are, doing for ourselves what we’ve been doing for others for years. Right now we’re busy setting up our own website, designing logos & business cards, getting our social media started – you know, all the things our clients have to do. I hope you’ll check back on us to read future posts aimed to help small businesses think differently about their media & marketing. Fair warning – there will probably be random dog pictures. They just make us happy, ok?


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