The State Of Small Business Websites


When it comes to websites, many small businesses face the same problem. They find themselves caught between spending big money to have it built professionally or trying to take it on themselves. Let’s face it, when you’re just starting out, you don’t have $2,500 – $5,000 to dish out for your website. So where does that leave you? No site? DIY? Your best friend’s kid? Usually, most people end up finding a cheaper option upfront but they are paying for it in lost business or costly redo’s. The landscape of the web is changing daily, and staying relevant to your customers and being found in search results can feel like a full-time job.

The top website complaints we hear from our clients are:

  • I don’t like how my site looks but I can’t afford to make it better
  • I hired a company to do my site, but getting it updated is expensive/impossible
  • I paid a small fortune, but my website isn’t mobile compatible
  • I pay a few hundred dollars a month but don’t really get any services/reports
  • I have no link between my site and my social media accounts
  • My customers can’t find me when they search on Google

I could go on… It’s hard not to get frustrated when you see this great business that people should know about struggling to get the most basic website done well, for a reasonable price. If you’re facing some of these same issues, get in touch. Our mission is simple: great sites for a good price.

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