2015 Roundup: Web Fonts

2015 Font Roundup

Website Fonts Of 2015

2015 was an exciting year for typography on the web. More than ever, the choices seemed endless thanks to the continuing use of Google fonts as well as the integration of Adobe’s Typekit in the Creative Cloud. From the ubiquitous Proxima Nova and Lato to re-emerging serifs like Baskerville or Playfair Display, there seems to be no end to the choices facing today’s web designer. Here’s a round up of some of 2015’s most loved web fonts.

Proxima Nova Web Font


Montserrat Web Font

2. Montserrat

Playfair Display Web Font

3. Playfair Display

Raleway Web Font

4. Raleway

Brandon Grotesque Web Font

5. Brandon Grotesque

Pacifico Web Font

6. Pacifico

Lato Web Font

7. Lato

Baskerville Web Font

8. Baskerville

Abril Fatface Web Font

9. Abril Fatface

Museo Sans Rounded Web Font

10. Museo Sans Rounded

Obviously we at Fetch Media were influenced in 2015 by many of these font trends as evidenced here on our own website. I could easily choose a hundred more fonts to feature in addition to these ten. What are some of your favourite fonts to use in your web projects?

All fonts available through Google Fonts or Typekit Subscription Service
All background photos available for free at unsplash.com

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